champagne supernova
2003-05-16 22:14:28 (UTC)

hostess cupcakes

those sound awfully tasty right about now.. well today is
the last day of rehearsal here at whs... which is ok
casue now we are moving along to bigger and better things
hwich i am happy to say is good news! i ended up staying
awake until 2:30 am last nite! i just wasnt tired and i
wanted to see if bobby would come on . after all he wakes
u p at 5 am and 2 am over here is 5 am over there and i
figured what the heck . but after like 5 minutes of waiitng
i got tired and impaitent and just down right hungry so i
wen to bed. nad that ladies and gentlemen was my nite.
heheh so i m going tpo barnum... wo hoo!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant
wait to see it ! it should be soo much fun! it is an
incredibly talented cast!! only thing s i dont even get a
chance to go home today and that sort of sucks. so im
hoping i wont get to comfy i nthose theatre seats and go to
sleep casue i sure am tired. not even that i tired, as
muchas it hasnt caught up with me yet so i figure hey..its
all good ill sleep when im dead. god knows whenever that
will be .. ok im going to rehearsal now i have to go i
will talk to yall latre! byebye!
* not hormonla duches today*