thats absurd
2003-05-16 21:53:50 (UTC)

Theme Song For "Convaluted Man"!

He worked for MCI
He was a regular average guy
Then one day he got demoted
and his calculator exploded
now hes working extra hours
'cause he's got radioactive powers!

Convaluted Man!
Convaluted Man!

He works in the convaluto cave
which is actually his uncles apartment
and he has to help pay the rent
Because his uncle said,"Hey, if you want to stay here you
gota help pay the rent because my income can't handle it
But he has to live there because you see
He mom made him move out a month ago to make room for her
new boyfriend and his dog...

Convaluted Man!
Convaluted Man!

He drives in the convaluto car
Which probably could use a tune up
and the carburator needs some work
but he doesn't have enough mony to go to the shop
The bumper is coming off
so he got a role of duct tape

Convaluted Man!
Convaluted Man!
Con-con-con-con-con-con-con convaluted Man!

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