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2003-05-16 19:44:57 (UTC)

Talking shit here and other stuff.

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY! So whats going and stuff?! Well
Im here bored and my buddy Richard is right here next to me
in class. Say hi Richard! "Hi." *cough* Awwww, hes sickie.
Well today was a pretty fun day, some Seniors were dressed
like little idiots and stuff, que cute! I bought three. Hee-
hee. Laura, Liz, and Airhead. I dressed them up and they
looked awwww! Laura was a thug, WHAT WHAT!, Liz was a
cheerleader HOW CUTE!, and Airhead (Monica) was a cowgirl,
YEE-HAW! I enjoyed everything, I hope they did too. So life
being a Senior is pretty entertaining at the moment I
guess. Theres just one sucky part though. Nah, I won't talk
about it here. Me want to be happy! Yes Yes Yes! Graduation
is in like 2 weeks. 2 freaking weeks people! So um yeah.
Kristian and I have been talking about stuff. Her problems
and some of mine but I don't really have any so I listen to
Kristian. Damn, these bruises that Laura made me look ugly.
That girl abuses me. AAH! Jackie likes. ;) lol just joking!
Its just that I can't hit her back, don't know why. It
sucks! Well Im trying to make myself happy here. Weird that
I use to be the only one to make myself happy when Im sad
(which is like rare!) but I found a goofy person that can
do that too which is WHOA! Laura D. is the one. Ugh, Laura,
thats great. lol just joking. Just not trying to think of
something so Im making myself busy. Hey theres this game
going on right now but I didn't want to go cause its hot up
in this shit! Yesterday was like whew! Damn, I just
realized I haven't written in this thing like forever. Oh
well, I don't care. I mean unlike some of you, most of you,
I have a life so thats why I don't write on here as much.
HA-HA. Well don't get mad, get glad! You all know its the
damn truth. Go out there and make yourselves look useful,
especially you Tabitha! Which you most probably are reading
this diary. I know you read Laura's. Stuuuuuuuuupid
Tabitha! I know you talk stuff about us which is ok, just
don't hate! Sorry we can't be skinny like you! Oh and what
Laura wrote on her last entry, you don't even know the damn
story so you shouldn't even talk. Go to mine and you'll get
the scoop and some truth about you, ha-ha. *Jackie's
Diario" Damn I feel like talking shit! Its all funny
people, Tabitha keeps getting "significant others" that
always think about their other girlfriends. HA-HA! First,
it was me, I mean theres a confession there Tabitha, when I
was with you, I would always think of Laura. And now with
BIG T, she thinks about her ex. HA! Thats funny and stuff.
Oh yeah, and thats all fucking wrong of what your doing to
your sister. I would tell you to choose your sister, not
me. Now look at your new "bling bling", shes all messing up
your own blood sisters and your relationship. STUPID
people! Just talk to your sister, she seems lonely at the
moment, your supposed to be there to comfort her instead of
giving your back. She was always there for you, now you got
BIG T, that doesn't mean your supposed to turn your back on
Heather. Always be there for the ones that you care about,
even though sometimes they use you for the hell of it. It
just saddens me that you've gone this low. How low can you
go?! STUPID people! Oh yeah, you told me that I sent you
back in your "dark place" again, bull-shit, someone else
sent you back in that place cause your most probably all
goth and trashy and shit. Jackie just sends people to happy
places Tabitha, ugh what a hoe. *lol* Krisitans a hoe too,
awwwwww Kristian. AWWWW POOR KRISTIAN! *lol* Well, I'll
write more later. Im getting bored on the computer already.

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