Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2003-05-16 19:00:53 (UTC)

Pride This Weekend

I'm volunteering at LBGLP again this weekend (this
will be my third year!). This time I'm doing both days,
Sat. from 9-1 and Sun. from 3-7. I'll be alone Saturday
(unless I can find someone to go with me), but Ryan will
finally go with me on Sunday.
Only 2 classes left to attend! One is English, on
Monday, and the other is Speech, on Wed. I will be so glad
when I'm finally done with this semester! Less than a
I got ordained as a minister so I could officiate
Jarob and Teresa's wedding, which is in a few weeks.
I'm 'Reverend' Ashly Townley now :o) How funny. I'm
supposedly absolved of all past wrongdoings, and have the
ability to absolve others. Ha ha ha... I absolved my
friends right before we smoked pot yesterday :o) I'm also
singing and playing at their wedding, and doing Teresa's
makeup. I'm a one girl show.
That's all for now, bye!