DaHoEtTeOf Me

2003-05-16 17:14:12 (UTC)

my DAy HomE fRom skewl

HAHA everyone else had to go to skewl today why i got too
sit my lazy butt at home..well acutally i dont go to skewl
anymore becuase i have failed for the year so i just
quit..haha...well i just wanted to say wats up to
everyone.hey baby i love you so much.. you best stay sweet
and sexy..lol..well know you are..ne-ways wats elise..your
muh girl for life..please dont ever change..hey jessie..i
hope you and willie make it yall are soo cute
together..lol..well i am gone to get some food so holla
hey jessie baker..wats up wif ya?