Euphoric Nothingness
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2003-05-16 15:00:23 (UTC)


One by one, they left. Each section crumbled. It was a
devastating moment for some and certainly a triumph for
others. People were shocked, appalled, and I was left
wondering. What the hell just happened?

So now they are gone. Both of them have left. The
sideburns are now just a memory. They were plucked
tonight. Plucked by Chris, flimed by Nicole.

Oh well I suppose life will go on. There are other things
besides the burns. Maybe they'll even make a comeback.
We'll just have to wait and see.

The whole sideburn shaving incident really brought me and
Nicole together. We have a pretty special bond and I think
we are growing closer together as a result. There were
several instances when we just stared into each other's
eyes and just tried to read the other's mind. Very
interesting stuff for sure....

In other Chris news, I get my first paycheck from the
Library today. That's definitely good because I really
need the money right now. It's an OK job but there are a
ton of lazy people that just sit around and play computer
games. I was about to yell at the supervisor's on
Wednesday because they were playing Monkey in the Middle
with a foam shark. At one instance, I opened the door to
take some books to shelve and all of a sudden a foam shark
just hit me in the chest. I swear it's my third or fourth
week and I feel like I should be telling my superiors what
to do. That's not good (for them).

School is going well. I have a European History exam on
Monday so I get to kick some ass. That is definitely what
I do best. In the Political Science class, things are
going well. It's pretty easy so far and as long as I do
well on the first exam and the term paper, I should be fine
since the last half of the class is all elementary

Yesterday I was trying to get information on Graduate
school. I know I am going to have to work my butt off to
get in there and I'm gonna have to work my butt off while I
am there. I need to take the GRE exam either late in the
summer or in the fall. I have to keep my grades up like I
have been and continue to kick ass every day. The fall
semester could be one of the hardest semesters I will have
so I have to remember to keep my eyes on the prize....

People often ask me why I am double majoring and getting a
minor. I respond "Why not?". I know that this is my major
(and possibly only) oppurtunity to get a degree and I will
not let anyone or anything get in the way of that. I will
not fall into the trap that many family members did. I
will set the family precedent by going out and getting a
Master's Degree and hopefully eventually a doctorate. Most
of all, however, I am doing this for Chris. This is
something that I want, and I want it bad. Real bad.

Well I believe that this is all I have time for. It's
unfortinate but I have a lot to today. So I will hopefully
write again over the weekend and have some interesting
stuff to say. And remember that shaving sideburns isn't as
bad as it seems if you've got a hot brunette helping you do