hello kitty cat
2003-05-16 09:51:31 (UTC)

stupid ass

I usually change the sn's I put up on her so no one bugs
anyone...but this one I didn't change cause the dude is an
Eark31: hi, married male here in n austin
CzarinaPulseczar: Hello, married male from Austin--why
are you IMing me?
Eark31: how are you doing this evening/morning
CzarinaPulseczar: I'm alright
Eark31: cool..doing well here
Eark31: what are you doing up this late
CzarinaPulseczar: writing some emails and chatting with
some friends
Eark31: cool.. was up late working from home.. just
looking around now
CzarinaPulseczar: oh I see
Eark31: describe yourself?..
Eark31: i'm 6ft 175lbs..light brown hair and a short dark
CzarinaPulseczar: lets see...I am human...and...
CzarinaPulseczar: I have arms AND legs.
Eark31: excellent..
Eark31: have you ever met anyone in person that you met
on line before
CzarinaPulseczar: no that's kind of creepy
Eark31: cool have met a few .. randomly..
CzarinaPulseczar: i see
Eark31: lots of fun/ actually met one..outside the house
here...down the street at the neighborhood pool parking area
CzarinaPulseczar: cool...
Eark31: was lots of fun
Eark31: normally run late/ left a note saying i
was outside running
CzarinaPulseczar: ohs
CzarinaPulseczar: *oh
Eark31: actually looking for someone to meet right
CzarinaPulseczar: i see
Eark31: what are you up to.. want to come over.. easy to 35n before round rock.
CzarinaPulseczar: well, since I have a life other than
meeting people online, and since I find you extreamly
creepy for ASKING to meet me......not to mention
uninterested in meeting someone who I've spoken to for 5
mins on a computer and has no problem "meeting" women when
they're married..I don' thave much respect for anyone who
cheats on their significant other---so...NO.
Eark31: cool..