Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-05-16 08:34:02 (UTC)

tabletop low

it's always the same really..

wondering how you can be such
a dreamer...

i don't know you..

i don't know me..

can you understand?

you've made mistakes, you
are the bastard son of a
bastard son

will you if you decide to
have a son, make him to
a bastard?

does it matter? whom it is
who you marry, take a wife?

wtf does that mean?

take one.. what, they sell
them on street corners?


people are strange..

you are stranger than most..

and why are we reffering to
ourself in the 3rd person?

tim, you really need to stop
talking to yourself..

it isn't going to help...

of course, if you can't talk
to yourself, who the fuck
can you talk to???


everyones a critic...