Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-05-16 07:47:04 (UTC)

And Then....Uuugh

I feel really bad now. I smell like potassium. Which is
good in many respects, but oh so bad in others. For
example, I don't want to smell like potassium. Its not
right. For a start.

Oh, and I had the most vivid dream, about the guy who
scored the goal against the Wedding in the cup final, with
whom I was drinking last night (his exams had just
finished). I only had a few, by the way, its not to blame
for my illness, unless it was bad beer. And it wasn't.
Though it was too cold, by about 4*.

Anyway. The dream was him having a bad cheese sandwich,
something I , oddly, feel to have done now. Though I've
not had any such thing.

WILT? Girls Aloud - No Good Advice is in my head. Bloody