champagne supernova
2003-05-16 07:11:44 (UTC)

bird chirps at midnight

welll my god... im warning you i am feeling a variety of
mixed emotions right now and feeling bluntly honest ..s o
as chris wouls say ... for the may want to
leave. here i sit...12:01 am and i go tmy computer back
today! woo hoo! only it took mt 4 fucking hours to get it
back ...grrr i had to reinstall all this crap and i am not
even i/3 done yet which infuriates me. i hate fake people
has anyone ver noticed tons of people put on a show? and
alot of people dont say whast on there minds... why is
i mean if everyone just walked around and said the
first thought that came ot there head we would have one
hell of an interesting world dont ya think...joe says to
jane..." you are looking like shit today you ugly ass
whore...." jane says to joe..." dont be mad at me casue
your third cousin wouldnt give you any play last
night" ..and if i was to say wat is on my mind right
now ..... my ass hurts. yes i said it .. my ass hurts im
sore as all hell and i dont want ot dance tommorrow!
and thank god for people who dont send mixed
messages CAN I GET AN AMEN? casue i ama girl.. yes .. but
i dont buy into the hole..." im not mad " really meaning "
i hate you you asshole get out of my life" thing are you?
grrr. yes grrr nad i hungry. i want some cereal ...jon what
kinds ya got over there? anything good? if there is i
commin over !!!! ok i m going to browse the "net now" like
the teenage looser i am sweet dreams to you all !

this service has been provided to you by ....incredible
amounts of screaming teenage girl hormones....thank you
leave a message after the beep!

duchess....hormonal duchess