Diary of an American Witch
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2003-05-16 05:21:35 (UTC)


So I have started drawing anime characters for fun, and I
have found out I have quite a knack for it.
Im not saying Im great at it or anything, but I was
surprised to learn that Im actually not half bad.
It's nice to have a hobby.

The end of the school year is almost here, next week is
only a three day week, and then that's it. Of course,
there will be summer school, but other than that, my job is
It feels wierd to think that I won't be going back next
year. Im going to miss all those kids, it really has been
a life changing experience.
When I think about who I was when I started this job, and
where I was in life, it really amazes me to think that it
has only been two years. It feels like a lifetime. I have
grown so much as a person, I have gained, and lost, broken
bad habits, found confidence in myself, and, most
importiantly, I have discovered the courage to move on with
my life. Who's to say what will happen next? As Vash
says, "the ticket to the future is always open"

I know there will be good things in store for me, I just
have to trust in the Mother, and have hope.
The hand of the Mother turns us in many directions,
sometimes it is to face our friends, some times our
enemies, but never will she guide us down the wrong path.

Anyway, Anime.......

Im having a party at my house tomorrow night, the girls are
coming over to watch the five new Inuyasha dvds that i have
bought, and Im pretty excited.

I have not thrown a party in quite a while, and it looks to
be a fun event.
When I get my house, Im going to throw parties all the
time. I have so many great decorating ideas that I just
can't wait to do, and of course, the whole place is going
to be Feng shu correct. Just a few more months now, and I
will be living on my own again
Im glad I have friends like Ash, and Jill, that actually
want to share in my intrests, and enjoy the things that I
enjoy. For the longest time, was exposed to selfish
people, that only pretended to be intrested in the things
that I liked, and what I talked about in order to get what
they wanted out of me. It still amazes me that there are
people out there who are willing to be friends with me and
not expect anything but friendship in return.
The long night is over, and the people that have been
working aginst me in thought, word, and deed, have been

I feel so relieved I could cry.

As for the guy.......
Well, the guy and I are doing just fine.
Life just seems to be getting better and better.

Happy thinking,

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