2003-05-16 02:30:02 (UTC)


Besides the news of that dude changing his style, there has
been more going on. I just hadn't the time to write it all
down. The scoop is that,

first off, I got late to school yesterday and today.
Tardies 7 and 8. This wasn't my fault either. It was my
brother Danish yesterday. Today it was him, my other
brother and my dad. I woke up on time. He couldn't. If I
get 4 more tardies I get dropped from Trig. A core class
that I'm getting an A in. The only reason I'm getting an A
in that class is because of the teacher. So I can't
possibly be dropped from it. I will not pass in any other
trig. class. So that's one dilema.

The other thing is that I'm in the school play again. This
time I got a speaking role. So I'm the ex-girlfriend of the
fiance in alter ego's. And the ringmaster. It's a crazy
plot that if played out right can work very nicely. I am
gonna have to be stripping right behind the curtain though,
because I come out for the climax in the end of the secong
act. Then (the dilema is that in one performance there is
no intermission.) I have to change to my ringmaster costume
and kick off the next 1/2 of the show with something like a
circus theme thing introducing the characters. Then jump
back, change in the curtain, and jump right back out in a
skimpier outfit as Maria. I don't mind being backstage in
my bra with some of the guys, but there are these two that
I consider total perverts. Hopefully I'll have some of my
female friends get them as far away from the curtain as
possible. I know they would just stay and watch. Totally
uncivil. This is mainly because I think we all would come
back the same way, behind the curtain. Just that they don't
have to come back so soon, and take their time.
Other then that we're definately gonna have a party in
either my dressing room, or which ever happens to be the
biggest one. So I'm trying for a boom box. Don't know if
that will work. If anything I'll ask one of my friends. If
that doesn't work, I'll swap with my brothers. I don't mind
not having mine for a few days.
Also, I only have two parts close to each other that turn
hectic. Other then that I'm really freaking bored. So I
picked up that massage book again and I've been getting
good results. I trained myself for back massages and face
massages. I've heard nothing but good things. And not the
kind of things people say not to hurt your feelings. I had
a line, one girl won't get a massage by anyone but me, I
put another to sleep with a face massage. I was so thrilled
about that.

My dad got layed off now. This is bad cause he works with
priest guy. This is also bad money wise ofcourse. But there
might be a brighter road ahead, you just don't know.

About priest guy though. His son is back from college I
believe. And guess what, my friends convinced me to go to
prom. I'm still not sure if I should go for the meal or
not, but I wanna atleast crash. I was thinking after party
afterwards, but I don't know if anything is happening that
doesn't involve getting layed or drunk. If anything does
happen, the dilema is should I have a date or no. That's
where priest guy's son comes in. He's a total catch. My
friends would prabobly be jealous. So that's kinda cool I
guess. He's wholesome and a nice guy. A nice polish guy,
which doesn't really happen much at all, so he might be
fun. I don't know. I also don't know if he would want to go
to an after party. I don't know if he would come to prom
with me, wheather we would have a good time, weather it
would be a total bore, for him, for me, for both of us, or
what. I mean, I've only seen this guy once. I don't know
anything of his personality, and my parents are already
looking at him as if he were a possible suiter.

I don't know if he's even attracted to me. Normally I can
tell. But that's when we strike up a topic that strikes
both our interests, and make eye contact. I've only seen
this guy once. He's not bad at all though. A worthy
bachelor. I'll leave it at that. I was trying to put the
confusing thoughts of prom out of my head and watched
smallville. Then I noticed he has the jawline of the Clark
Kent character. I'm gonna go now. As they say in romanian.
(I asked Alina to teach me romanian.) Ciao!


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