REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-05-16 02:28:10 (UTC)

game vs. holmdel

today..i had a hard time waking up cause it was the first
day i had to wake up early since like a ocuple days. well
i went to school, and yeah, it was a normal day. i was
really happy today..i dunno it was just one of those days.
everyone was cool. i hated nortons lass..as usual. thats
the only thing im lookin forward to at the end of this
year. leaving her gay class grr. ok well i went t softball
i scored a run, and hit good! i was proud of myself. yeah
maybe ill be in the announcements. i went to left and a
girl hit it wayyy over my head and i got it in and one run
scored..not my faullt. lol i hit my cut got it in,...did
wat i can. lol than i came home afterthe game...it was
homework after that..then babysitting and computer. and
here i am. my day doesnt seem interesting. but it was a
good day. im proud..i liked this day. i hope the other
days are pretty good to..lol