Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2003-05-16 01:43:08 (UTC)


I just told brian that i love him......somehow i dont think
i should have told him, i mean who the fuck am i to say i
know what love is??? i dont know anything, i dont think i
should have said it, i think in time i'm going to regret
saying it. I mean i'm friends with his gf. we hook up and i
just really feel good with him u know??? like it really
feels like for once i'm doing something right, like it's
not toally wrong to really like him. and he makes me feel
like i fucking belong with him, like he really likes
spending time with me, like i'm not just some stupid peice
of ass. I really should just forget about it, i dont
fucking even know what i'm talking about when i use the
word love prob, but i feel like i love him.i really need to
shut up right here. this can only end badly and i need to
just give it up. this is going to be like it was with
nolan....i dunno how but it doesent even matter becuase i'm
just going to try to forget thats all. i'm not going to get
hurt again, not anymore becuase it's happened enough.