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Jimmy fell off the cliff again?
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2003-05-16 01:07:41 (UTC)

slow but good

very very slow day. i went to school, took mcas, came
home. hung out with john for a little while. i found my
boxing gloves. me and frankie were punching eachother with
them on. he had the lefty glove hand on his, i had the
right one on me. were boxing. he gave me a hard left hook
and he also punched me in the eye. i gave him a hard right
hook. it was funny and fun. i helped frankie move into his
new room. then marissa came over. we went down the park.
in the beginning me and frankie were boxing then marissa
yelled at us and we stopped. we came back here and that
just about leads up till now. if any of this seems jumbled
at all, it's because i am watching a movie at the same
time. Big Trouble. funny movie. so today was slow but good.