Shandielly Harshy

It's good to be bad, if it's bet
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2003-05-15 23:24:08 (UTC)

: D

OMFG I can’t believe it! CRAZY!!!!!!!!! Lol, allow me to
Since Friday, I’ve been tripping out about whether
or not Derek likes me. I wrote him a note on Monday asking
him what he wanted (plz refer to my previous diary entry).
He wouldn’t friggen write me back! So yesterday I was
like, “Derek, tell me what you want out of this so that I
can stop making an ass of myself.” He said he had to think
about it. I was like, “It’s kind of a yes or no question.
How much thinking could it possibly take?” He said a lot.
So I was freakin out because I thought that he didn’t like
me. I kept getting the feeling that I was annoying him,
and everything was just plain shitty. But today, things
were FINALLY different.
I got a ride home from Derek. I was sposed to go
to golf practice, but it was raining (kind of, lol). So
instead of going to my coach’s room, I booked it and went
out to Derek’s car. He was giving Kelly, Sam (who was
being a total bitch, go figure), Dakota (his younger bro),
his (annoying) neighbor, and I a ride. He dropped
everybody, except for me, off at his or her houses. We
drove around. I was lying across the seat, with my head in
his lap (I was facing up, you pervs! lol) and he had his
hand on my hip. He said, “About what you asked me earlier,
I’d like to. But seeing as how you’re gonna be gone in
like 2 weeks, it’s kind of pointless.” I explained that I
had a month, and that it could be the best 3 ½ weeks of his
life, if he’d let it be. So then he said, “Well I want to,
but at the same time I don’t. It’s hard to explain.” I
said, “Well I never said that we had to have a
relationship.” He thought that’s what I wanted. I
explained that I wanted that, but the whole casual fuck-
buddy thing would be okay too. So, of course, as soon as I
brought up casual sex, he said, “well that’s perfectly fine
with me.” Lol go figure.
So we go back to his house and fuck around in his car. BJ
was in the house waiting for him, and had no idea we were
out there. I was sitting on top of Derek and we were
kissing. My bra came off, and I started to get self-
conscious. I tried to pull my shirt back down, but Derek
was just like, “sit back, relax.” Haha he told me that he
loves my boobs. I asked why, and he said, “I don’t know
they’re just so….” But he didn’t finish his sentence
because by that time he was kissing me again. OMFG I don’t
think I’ve ever met somebody hornier in my entire life! He
kept poking me with his…yeah. If I hadn’t had to be home
in 5 minutes, I probably would have fucked him. *Sigh*
Just thinking about what happened gives me shivers. I’m
not talking about cold shivers or grossed out shivers—I’m
talking about the turned-on shivers.
And the moral of the story is: Yay for me, I’m gonna get
Peace out nuggas!