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2003-05-15 20:05:30 (UTC)

wow so much to say!! so..

wow so much to say!! so last time i wrote i was starting
to hang out with pete and his and steph were
going over there all the time and stuff for awhile...then
i was going to spot all the time and i met this guy scott
and i liked him for a weekend btu he blew me off and then
this guy papi liked me and we hooked up for like 2 days
and it was soo gross...but then he got arrested and he was
in jail...thank god lol. since then brian has completely
drifted away...he is too good to talk to us now and we
dont even say hi ne more. it made me really sad but im
over it...then there was dave...we still talk everyday and
he is a good friend...i liked him for awhile and i guess i
still do. but we are better off just being friends...then
i was haning out with steph a lot and we went to petes all
the time and we spent the night there and there was this
guy boots there and he was just really nice and laid back,
so we have been going out for like a month and a little
bit. and i really love him like more than ive ever been in
love. last week we had sex for the first time together and
he is just too good to me..then yesterday i went to his
house and we screwed all times indeed. but ive
been so paranoid bc he is getting weird. i will have to
wait and see what happens tonight.

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