champagne supernova
2003-05-15 19:50:58 (UTC)


good lord.. i was this close to getting my computer back
the other day .. nad long and behold the god forsaken thing
still dosnt work and that makes me angry! and the damn
lakers are loosing the finals....*sigh* oh well i have
more important things to wory about right now like the play
and such . after all it is next week believe it or not and
tat scares me like you wouldnt believe. granted i wont be
on stage ofr very long but i am still scared !!! my first
time on stage... and of course i am still doing make up so
it works for me ... and im getting braces next week....i
think... my dentist is a bit on the screwy side ... stop
laughing scott. and dont think you can start calling me one
of those hypothetical names for people who have
braces..... metal mouth, train tracks yada yada yada. so
anywho 33 days until chool gets out!!! is anyone as excited
as i am?? i cannot wait for this yera to end!! i want
summer to be here and i want it here now i want ot go to
the beach and run aorund in summer attire. i want to sleep
in until noon, and get aquainted with my pajama drawer!
and dammit that is what i am going to do!!!! sum,mer is in
store for me!!!! and i cant wait!!!! starting tommorrow
until june 28 i am on the go non stop .... so lets take a
long deep breath and get ready to start a crazy month!!!
here i go!

fancy * ...shakin' in her boots duchess*