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2003-05-15 17:53:44 (UTC)


Oh my god! I'm kind of really happy. I don't know what its
is. You know that boy I liked? it seems he may be starting
ot have feelings for me. Maybe I interest him. Oh.
wouldn't that be cool. That I interest him? Sometimes it
seems he is trying to get my attention. And I seem to
cacth him looking at me alot now. I'm not sure. but if he
is beginning to like me, then all hell with everything
else. Everyone who knows him says he is such a great guy.
Except for this one person. WHo seems to always tellme, he
is bad. But then i don't ge tit, she is like a really
close friend of his. Why would she say that? ANd hten be
all happy adn smiling whenever she is with him? And she
always has her hands/arms around him. Does this mean she
likes him? And is hoping ot make me stop liking him, Like
int eh play Turandot? My online friend Neko told me about
Turandot, she has this play at school. It seems like she
is the jelous princess who is made into a servent for
Turandot. Can she just be playing me so she can have him
all to herself? I had asked her if she liked him, but she
had told me countless times "NO!", but she sure doesn't
act it. Its all very wierd to me. Its not like I would
care if she did, but to lie to me? Its not like I even had
a chance with him.. so why should she be jelous? I mean
she is way closer to him, then I probably ever would be.

Some ppl confuse to the max. Its really confusing most of
the times. Oh well. I'm just happy he wants to get my
attention. And we've spoken face to face, now.Its as if he
finds ways to talk.

You know what.. I'm glad I met neko, she seems to be goign
through almost the same problems.. How odd is that? She
tells me I remind her of a friend she knows, but to me
Neko is who reminds me of me.