Me and More
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2003-05-15 17:21:56 (UTC)


Dear Diary:

Have you ever had one wish within your heart, that you
wanted to come true badly? So badly that you dream about
it, talk about, think about it? Well, I have that right
now, only two people know about it. The person I want to
tell I can't.

She/he wouldn't understand. It's the same old story time
and time again. For once I'd like my heart to be happy and
content. The wish I have would mean so much to me, if only
the fates would allow it to happen. I doubt it will. It's a
complicated situation this wish.

Not to much to ask, but to unreal to happen. If you know
what I mean. *sigh*
What am I going to do? I guess I have to try and look past
it all, move and try to be happy. But, it's really hard.

OK, just had to get that off my chest. Write more in here