My Spiritual Journal
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2003-05-15 16:10:37 (UTC)

Obedience: The Key To Fulfillment

"Obedience isn't always easy, but it's always beneficial"

3:26:42 AM
1. Make Him Lord

Why Is Obedience So Important?
1. It pleases God and brings His blessing
2. We avoid the consequences and pain of disobedience

8:59:55 AM
1. Recognizing Disobedience (make a list)
2. Reflect on the Significance of Disobedience - Give
yourself an opportunity to think about each area on your
list. On its consequences and how it affected your life
and the lives of others.
3. Confession - The next step is to acknowledge that it is
4. Request Forgiveness - Acknowledge the sin and ask God
forgive it, keeping in mind that in order to receive it
must also forgive those that have sinned against you.
(Matthew 6:14-15; Mark 11:25)
5. Repent - Confession and forgiveness mean nothing if we
don't see the need to change our ways. Once we recognize
this we need to ask God to give us a repentant heart.
6. Change - Next is the need to start working on what you
need to stop or start doing. If you need to lose weight,
don't focus on skipping the next meal. Focus instead on
forming new eating habits. If you need to get better
grades, don't focus on asking your teacher for another
chance; focus on spending more time on your class work and
homework. Focus on what you should do.
7. Relinquish Areas of Disobedience - Look for areas in
which you are trying to hold onto, areas that you are
having trouble surrendering to God. There is freedom for
you as you are able to let go and bondage in the areas you
are trying to hold onto. You may even find that you don't
have to lose whatever it is you are afraid of losing, but
until you are willing to lose it, you'll never know
it's yours to keep.

1. Is to desire it.
2. Position yourself with God - so He can provide you with
ongoing direction. You position yourself to be able to
receive from Him (direction, etc.). You create a habit of
spending time with God on a regular basis.

In this case it is simply to develop and exercise
discipline, not to make things happen in the heavenlies,
not to ask God for anything during the process.