Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2003-05-15 07:41:41 (UTC)


Another day in paradise..., but really not, i was only
being sarcastic..... the bozoes i work with at work got to
me again, as i see that i far supersede their intellect by
about 10 orders of magnitude. i have spent about my whole
life amassing knowledge and learning the whys and whats of
stuff, and then I show up at work, and have to deal with
the retards that are above me, and i freaking have to throw
up.... some days, it is my pride that gets the best of me,
so here i go again, learning all over again, that it isn't
how smart you are, it's what you can do for others....that
have a lesser advantage than you....

on a side note, here is another reply that i got from the same reader
as before....
Timestamp: 2002-01-04 01:07:05 GMT

Man is but a primative animal still, hence Leaders, hence

I wonder, in reading your entries, where the simple
adage 'to Thine own Self be true'....would apply you
brilliant entity.

I consider Myself a Leader, plugged into the mid of the
follwer, for each requires the other ultimately.....touche
you sweet man of thought and self-torture.

therein lies my predicament, my achilles heel, my vanity, heh heh...