Remember to Breathe
2003-05-15 03:49:08 (UTC)

25 ...a quarter century

My first year of college is over and I have nothing to
show for it. I am going home to try and pull my shit
together for the millionth time. I have no job, no place
to live, no plans. Nothing right now is solid, and I feel
so angry I could just scream. Everyone else has left, and
like the last one on a deserted island, I am sitting on
the shore waiting for time to slip away. This is a
horrible feeling, and I can't wait for something else to
wash over it.
To make horrible matters worse, this Jody girl has been following
around Brett like a puppy. And me, being the third grader I am, I
had Matt tell Brett to stop flirting with her in front of me because
I couldn't take it anymore. She has slept in his room at least
once, and I don't want to know what she says to him, or worse, what
he says to her. I am walking away from this situation for an entire
summer when i would rather put my arms around it and force it to hug
me back.

"My feet are drenched in rain. I'm throwing in the towel"
-Kind of Like Spitting-
"We Got As Far As Minnesota"