Montana bound
2003-05-15 02:37:28 (UTC)

No more influential factor

It never ceases to amaze me the influence a girl can
have over a guy's life. I was speaking with Allison on the
phone today after a nice, long nap, and she said she wanted
my opinion on what tattoo she should get.
This got me thinking. In all my nearly 18 years, I've
never even given a second thought to the prospect of
getting a tattoo. Even when Ty got one, I thought it was
cool that he got one, but I would never have thought to do
so myself. Granted, just over seventeen of those years
were spent under the brain-washing influence of the LDS
church, but even in the months since leaving that, I'd
never thought of it. When Allison said it, however, it
just came to me. I'm still not sure wether I'm going to do
it, but it's definitely much more of a possibility now than
it ever was at any previous time in my life.
Other than that, there's really not anything new. It
just caught me off guard, and made me think. I suppose it
just goes to show that a man will do anything for the right