Fun Size

Jimmy fell off the cliff again?
2003-05-15 01:50:27 (UTC)


Derek came over at around seven thirty. we thought
something was happening at the school so we got a ride
from my dad there. once we got there no one was there so
we decided to go for a walk. we walked down the train
tracks for a while talking about random stuff. then we got
off at cole street and headed twards the park. once we got
to the park these two chicks came up to us and they
started freaking out. they were like "omg you guys are
punks... i love your outfit and your hat" i wanted to
punch them in the face. they were posers to the extream.
once they left me and derek had a good laugh about it.
then we came back to my house and just hung out for a
little bit until his mom came. i had mcas again today...
it was easy and i think i did pretty good. and during mcas
i cracked my neck, it was pretty loud and then a couple of
other kids tried to crack their necks too. it amused me.
didn't do anything stupid today. i'm on a roll. well i'm

later, fun size

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