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2003-05-15 01:00:32 (UTC)

Damn thing

I was writing in here last night and the computer did this
thing and *poof*, everything was gone. Damn computers. I
found out why Jess was pissy at me in the McDonalds last
night. She is jealous because she knows I dont like
Danielle in a sexual way, but she doesnt like how I always
with Danielle and everything. But I told her not to be. I
just need a good friend and Dani happens to be that.

So I had written an article to the AV TIMES about Amy, it
was a letter to the editor. Because I had read a small
article in there that Paul now has a chance at parole in
Nov 2009. Sick fuck...heres the letter...

To the town of Port Alberni,

On April 22, 2003 an article was published in our
local paper. It was an article titled “After two trials man
pleads guilty to killing 15 year old”. Some of you may
remember this, while others have forgotten. I will not be
one of those people who forget. Mainly because this 15 year
old girl was my sister. Paul Dempsey will be eligible for
parole in November of 2009. This does not mean that he will
in fact be released, but I don’t care. This man killed Amy,
and for some reason the Canadian judicial system believes
that he should receive a second chance. At the age of 15
Amy had not even experienced half of what most should in
life. They state he did not have a fair trial. What is fair
about him killing her? What is fair about us loosing an
angle on earth and perhaps letting a killer go free? What
if this was your 15 year old daughter? Or sister? Would you
have just read the article and continued on? I am trying to
make some noise, trying to keep a killer where he belongs.
Please help me write the Victoria Supreme Court and our
Premier, let them know that letting this man have a second
chance is wrong.

A Saddened Sister
Port Alberni

So anyway, I got a phone call today from the paper and Mia
wants to do an article on Amy. I feel like I might actually
be heard. I dont want this sick fuck to get free and do it
again. I wrote the Premier and I am trying to find out who
to write the Prime Minister. I just want that fucker behind
bars. Its not fair what he did to Amy and I will not let
him get off that easy.

I love Canada. I am proud to be a fucking Canadian. But our
fucking judicial system really blows. In the states shit
like this happens and it death row. In Canada, drug dealers
get harder sentences then fucking child killers. Its shit
and I wanna change that

Its all fucking shit