2003-05-15 00:46:23 (UTC)

The guy whose look I dig...


This is awful. This guy had the look of a rock star in him.
Alot of it was due to his face, style, HAIR! He cut his
hair. Real short. He had it really long (up to shoulders),
black, and in twists. Now it is less then a centimeter
short. Still black. The bangs going out up. (Kinda like the
style was or still is for some polish guys around the
neighborhood.) This connected to some facial hair outlining
his face to a go tee. This bites.

I loved his look before. It was different. It was truly
somehting that distinguished him from other people. Now he
lookslike another guy trying to stick out of the crowd but
it's not working. It's the same face. But it shouldn't go
with that hair cut.

I swear if a guy I would be dating would have such a great
look, and then he'd go change it to the appearance that guy
has now, and we would be in a semi-playful relationship, I
would give him hell over it. I would tease him a little,
and mainly not be so willing to do certain relationship
like things. Eventually I'd stop ofcourse and apologize,
but I would do something like that just so he would know
how great he looked in that.