All That I Am
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2003-05-14 18:50:17 (UTC)

Good Times

I've been feeling rather unmotivated these past two weeks
on Wednesdays and Thursdays. Of course those are my work
days and I guess I'm getting used to having 5-day weekends
because when Wednesday roles around I just don't want to
come in. It sucks because I need every hour I can get
because I need the money. Speaking of which, I got a
message to call back this one job in Renton. It's for a
collection agency and they didn't put the hourly rate but I
figure I'll give them a call on my lunch break or whatever.
Renton is kinda far out though. It is like right next to
Seattle though, so I'm going to talk to Mum at lunch and
ask her about the Renton area because some of these
cities/towns you have to be careful of because they're
ghetto. If I were to get that job though, that would be
like a 40min commute to work...hmmm...I'll have to call
them back and see how much they pay first and the hours. I
think it's full time but if it's part-time I don't know if
I'll even waste the gas.

Anywho, I called and left Rosie a message on Mother's
Day....well, wishing her a happy mother's day.....did I
already write about this?...oh well. Anywho, she called me
back on Monday and we talked for about 10mins or so, she
had to go back to work but it was nice. She's so funny and
I have to admit I missed her so much. I decided to stop
holding grudges and act a little more like an adult. She
bought a house in Temple and she said everything is going
good down there. She put Gabe on the phone and that boy can
talk! I was all's just weird because I've
seen him grow in her belly to birth to now's
just a weird, fuzzy feeling. It was cool, it felt like old
times again talking to her.

Well, I can't think of anything else to talk about right
now and I've got to email Tina about the Survivor finale so
I'm outtie. Later!

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