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2003-05-14 18:04:07 (UTC)

welcome back

oh wow, i haven't updated for like a month. and i have NO
excuse! well, that's not true. the site was down for like a
week, so that was my excuse three weeks ago. but now?
hmm... well i have been kinda busy...but not really cause
we have SOLs this week which means no homework. so thats
not a good excuse. really, i'm just a slacker. really. :)

SO! im not even gonna try to go over everything thats
happened in the last month. not that anything special has
happened. what say we just pick up from this week? OK!

SOLs. pointless. enough said.

OH ok i thought of an excuse for not updating....at least
for this week. i've been working on the (railroad!) sexy
beast page/archive on my web site. first i had to make the
pages, then i had to find all the pictures for the sexy
beasts and then i had to put them on and figure out how to
make it work! i've been spending a lot of time on those
lately. but, i'm almost done! i just finished finding the
last jesse bradford and matthew mcconnaiuosdgbubgfab lol i
have no idea how to spell his last name sooo i just kinda
pretended there, if ya couldn't tell.

so... i've had some softball games! actually, not as many
as i should have, because the weather won't cooperate. it
will be totally sunny and nice all week and then on the day
of a game it will rain. how unfair is that? i'm supposed to
have on tomorrow night, but i think its supposed to
rain.... which is crazy cause right now i don't think there
is a cloud in the sky!

Behind the Wheel! i started yesterday! i was kinda annoyed
cause the lady never called me so i wasnt sure if they knew
i was doing it or not, but it was fine. so i got there
yesterday and she tells me that the other guy isnt coming
cause he has a track meet. so i got to drive the whole
time! it was ok, i guess i did pretty well. the only time
she yelled at me was when we were at the four-way-stop in
salisbury. it was the guy on my right's turn, obviously,
but the freaking idiot wasnt moving! so of course iwas like
fine and i started to go, and the lady freaked out and was
like noooooo its not your turn! and i knew that, but you
think i was about to sit there and wait for that moron in
the other car to realize it? sheesh! so today when i go its
gonna be the other kids turn to drive the whole time, and i
got to "observe..." hmm there's a wasted 2 hours! grrr!
oh and speaking of driving, pam's taking her road test this
afternoon so i'd like to take a moment to wish her good

good luck pam!

(moment of silence)

ok wasnt that fun?!? yeah!

oh and ryans home! let me tell you how excited we all
are.......whoo-hoo. no but actually i am glad he's back
because one of my barenaked ladies cds cracked and it wont
play right anymore, and since ryan is like the only other
person i know who has all their cds he's gonna burn me a
new one! yay for ryan!

okay well this has been fun, kids, but my ears are hurting
like wow right now so i think i'm gonna go pop some pills
and sleep til i hafta go to behind the wheel.... later

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