My Little World
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2003-05-14 15:30:23 (UTC)


yeah....i didnt know what to name this one so i just put a
random title!! its wednsday and i get to see Allen
tomorrow so that is good! Then i am going down with him
next friday!! he is picking me up after school on friday,
and then i am going down there for memorial day weekend!!
so that is ganna be really fun!!! i cant wait!!! Yeah
I AM REALLY HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, just thought i
would tell everyone!! hehe..... so yeah!! i still have 10
minutes before i get to go to lunch and eat!!! and i am
really really hungry!!!! but i guess i have to wait!! so
yeah..... I was reading through some of these people's
diary's and man there are some really werid people out
there!!! like that one that hates that Chinese person of
Japanes, i dont know....but some of them are really
interesting to read.....So yeah, but when i find a really
good one, i can never remember the name of it so i cant get
back to it to find it!!! Well, yeah i really really miss
Allen!! Last night he aked me what i wanted to name our
kids!!!!!!!!! i loved it!!!! it was so much fun to talk
about the future with him!!! hehe!! i love him so much!!
well, i gatta go!! write me some feedback!!!!!
Later All!