Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
2003-05-14 15:09:11 (UTC)

yeah so here was my weekend if full

Friday night

left work at like 10:15 friday night dropped yung whitey
off and then went ad got aaron then we got our arses off to
heywood where aarons g/f's 20th b'day party was and yeah
well once i got there there was a small chat and anyways i
got to meet macca aka the "nme" neways i ended up taking
her into haywood propper and she got some shoes to go to
the disco in portland

ok we went off to portland i had a full car and we dropped
me car off in a small alleyway or as i was told lincons old

then it was off to the iron bar where me and aaron started
to drink and drink we did slowly getting drunker and
drunker till it was time for the disco anyways thats the
end of that

Saturday Night

once back from port/heywood we got some food mmm greasy
chips and chicken and gravy

ok then poor aaron had to go to work hes a bar bitch neway
me and kat decided to get some tea and a vid ok never ever
get harvard man unless you want a warped veiw of drugs ok
neways it has sarah michelle gellar in it so its cool
yes and i also got some bourbon bourbon is good mmmm

ok then i went out first to the central for a few bets and
the last of the footy ok then i went to the cally as usual
it was the same crew there and i just ended up drinkin
heeps and gettin smashed then waking up sunday was bad
noises bad noises like the ones a couple would makes so oh
well i went back to sleep

Sunday Night

then sunday night i went to the central and drank beer just
beer and dags was gettin me drunk it was unreal just
drinkin and drinkin and drinkin and monday was a blur as
yeah so that was my 3 days of drinkin

yeah we are starting the get leah drunk and get her gear
off crowd for big brother we want her naked butt naked ok

drug umm sleep and booze
music andrew w.k we want fun