Jack's Twisted Kingdom
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2003-05-14 07:58:34 (UTC)

Satanism Part VII

It has been said that a Satanist can only be born, not created, and I
could not agree more. Such is our nature to question all that can be
questioned, rise above the herd mentality, and become an elite group
of philosophers in something that is still a very underground
community. One cannot create the desire to be more than the average
sheep or gain knowledge and intelligence beyond what is simply
expected of us in today's frail society. You either are or you are
not, although sheep will continue to walk amongst us cloaked in
wolves' clothing.

There is much to be said in regards to the evolution of Modern
Satanism. Since the death of our founding father Anton LaVey, you
could almost say that things have gone to hell. There is much talk of
corruption within Satanic organizations, bickering between one and the
other, and not surprisingly a certain level of hypocrisy. But things
are kept hush-hush, and in many circumstances should you feel the
desire to speak your mind you will immediately find yourself being
attacked by one of many ego-infatuated pseudo-Satanists who for some
reason or another do not agree with you. I have witnessed this myself
and have found it to be not only laughable but pathetic, and many of
my friends and acquaintances have had to deal with the same thing. And
not for being wrong, but just for having an educated opinion.

So I feel it necessary to point out that Satanism often better serves
the individual than it does the group. Of course it is only natural
for people to disagree with one another, and disagreements are always
healthy, but in the six years that I have openly been a Satanist I
have many times seen these disagreements turn into people's need to
prove themselves as some sort of power hungry hot-shot and furthermore
become complete hypocrites. These people are not Satanists any more
than those who go on cat-killing sprees or worship the devil, but
still have managed to integrate themselves within our community and
even into positions of minor authority within certain organizations.
Moral of the story: be careful who you trust and before joining any
organization or group of people, make sure you know what you're
getting yourself into and understand what those people stand for or
against - and make sure you agree with it.

It has been a sad thing for me to witness the things I have, but
ultimately it is only a matter of people pretending to be something
they are not. I think these actions better reflect humanity than they
do Satanism in particular, because at least a Satanist can acknowledge
that such is the nature of our species and furthermore strive to
become something better. Obviously I am not going to give exapmles of
any circumstances or groups in particular because that would only
cause more unnecessary bickering and expose me to more stupidity than
I feel the need to endure, but I think you get the point that every
good intention will undoubtedly become corrupted over time.

For anyone who is new to Satanism I would ask that they only take this
message as a warning; after all, there are a lot of intelligent,
legitimate Satanists out there who aren't involved with any of this
bullshit and who you could learn a lot from. It is always good to
research and ask questions when you are ready... after all, we don't
try to conform people because this isn't right for everyone. I have
added here what I personally believe to be some relevant links and
information, and over time this section will continue to grow.