Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2003-05-14 07:55:39 (UTC)

Satanism part VI

The Manifesto ov Lucifer

1. The All is One. Oneness is All, thus I choose to speak. I
am everywhere the circumference and everywhere the Center,
at all times; finite and infinite. I am the sum of all
possibilities, in endless combinations and endless
timelines, now and forever.

2. In my opinion words cannot kill by themselves; there
needs to be action and reaction. I believe that the
fluttering wings of a single butterfly in Nebraska CAN raise
a storm in the Atlantic.

3. I do believe in the force of Will and freedom of choice.
I choose my reality directly or indirectly when and if I
want to.

4. I believe in the Sanctity of Women. I also believe in the
Sanctity of Men. I do believe in Polarity between the Sexes
as a way to more freedom, despite the apparent paradox.

5. I think there's no truth but the paradox. You'll be the
victim as well as the perpetrator.

6. I believe that creation cannot stand against itself. It
cannot Will it's own destruction. Perfection will not be -
you can come close but not all the way.

7. I believe there to be perfection in imperfection.
Beautiful ugliness and ugly beauty. I believe in duality and
yet not. There's a paradox.

8. I believe you'll do as you see fit with this Manifesto.
Right or Wrong. The beauty is that you can add and subtract,
divide, and/or multiply this manifesto according to your
Wants and needs. There's even the possibility that you
choose to ignore this message all together.

9. In this Manifesto there's both Complexity And Simplicity.
You choose to your liking. My Will is that it'll at least
raise some eyebrows. I choose by not choosing. You choose.
What do YOU believe?

This is the end. My work is Wrought And so mote it be.

scribe by Daemon Manuel Steen
July 22nd 2 AL (2002 CE)
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