Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2003-05-14 07:52:05 (UTC)

Satanism part II

A grrl I know, has written this to me.
and so, I have an answer...

but, make your own conclusions..


Why I Call Myself A Satanist
(c) Tala de Sade

If you can live life by developing your own opinions and
sense of personal morality without first consulting the
ethics of the herd, then chances are you've got at least
some of my respect. I am a Satanist not because I feel the
need to conform to something or walk around with a label
hanging over my head, but because it's something I feel I
can personally identify with and I enjoy being a part of the
community a great deal. I also know that I'll never be
confined to thinking a certain way or limited in my personal
growth, believing in or worshipping fictional entities or
thinking that something absurd will happen to me when I die
(or even that I was created for some absurd purpose). You
call yourself a sadist because you like inflicting pain,
call yourself literate because you know how to read and
write, say that you're a realist because you're not ruined
by false assumptions... Well, I call myself a Satanist
because I agree with Satanic philosophy. People need to
realize that every time you choose to agree with something
or become a part of something it does not make you a lesser
person or less of an individual. On the contrary, it only
shows that you're more aware of who you are, and more sure
of where you stand (except of course in the case of blind
following). I get asked a lot why I feel the need to "call
myself" anything, or why I feel the need to "label myself".
Every fucking word in our language is a label, a
generalization, some attempt to clarify the complex workings
of the human mind. There are no problems with labels or
trying to find some organized structure within one idea or
another. The only problem is the stereotypes which people
are so ignorant as to create and enforce, the assumptions
they make and choose to stand by with absolutely no evidence
of truth. I'm not going to limit the language I use because
some people are too stupid to understand it, and I'm not
going to decide not to "call myself" by one term or another
because it might lead to some idiot misinterpreting it.
Their ignorance is not my problem.

I realize there are people out there who know very little
about Satanism and may possibly assume it to be something
it's not. But I still have to believe that any INTELLIGENT
person would take the time to educate themselves on a given
subject before bashing it or praising it. If I were to tell
an intelligent person who had never heard of Anton LaVey
about Modern Satanism, they wouldn't just stare at me and
say "No it's not, Satanists worship the devil." They would
first take the time to at the very least develop a
semi-educated opinion, and pursue things from there.
Satanism scares the weak of mind because they lack the
capability to think outside the box, and some of them are so
stuck in their ways and convinced that they are right and
everyone else is wrong that it doesn't matter what you tell
them. So good; let them be scared, let them be stupid. I for
one have better things to worry about.