Aradia Goblin Queen

Aradia's Head
2003-05-14 03:00:11 (UTC)

mood swing

ya know, im so fucking tired of feeling like there isnt
ever anyone here ya know. i understand people have lives
and wot not but its still a pain in the ass
im gonna stay rational and say yes other people dont want
to deal with my meanderings, but occasionally its nice to
hear "so howd this go" or "how ya feeling steph?"

but ive gotta be responsbile and remember that i can deal
with stuff on my own. the sad and the exciting ya know?

its odd, to feel completely alone when surrounded by people.
im not sure that i know why i feel this way. partially
becuz i have alot going on and no one really asks "so you
still breathing after all that?"

im a loner by default. anyone want to trade?

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