Alone I Will Always Be

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2003-05-14 02:54:31 (UTC)


WOW! its been while! well......Jimmy and me hardly talk
now :( and i swear Eric hates me now! i didnt do anything
HONESTLY! all of a sudden it went from oh i love u 2 i hate
u! Like as if life doesnt suck enough he has to pull this
shit! im not chasin him!! If he wants me he can come after
me, right? and i feel like people know things and they are
not tellin me! i feel like julie jimmy and tish have sum
thing going on but...... who knows! i hate myself
sometimes.... why did i have to tell people i like them,
why must i always put my heart on the line, i know im just
gonna get hurt! i mean... GOD i need help! i do!! Why did i
have to like jimmy? like.... wtf is wrong with me! now we
cant even have an actual convo, unless tish,and julie arent
on, and me and him are so happy when tish isnt around......
that sounds sooo bad.... but its the truth,and i feel like
the only person that understands me is......
Brittney,somone who i dont get to talk to or see everyday,
and i mean its funny b/c brittney hasn't gone through
something like this b-4, but yet she is the one helpin me
out the most! god i love her! :) but i need to go get some
help! i really do! Maybe then i can be some what happy....i
only hope

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