SuGaR RuSh
2003-05-14 00:51:10 (UTC)

to the moon and back

ya i 4got 2 say how fuckin stupid ppl n
jd were @ his locker after 8th like always..and i was like
over 2 lockers cuz everyone else was @ theres..and we r
walkin away...and hes like.."this is gunna make u laugh"
and im like okay what is it..hes like brittany sheller just
asked me 2 the jr like..what..and i bust out
laughin..she asked him right in front of me...and god shes
stupid..she got 2 free tix or w/e from what jd says and
shes so fuckin fat and ugly no one will go w/ her god!..and
ya uf like said sumthin 2 me and i wanted 2 punch him in
the face...hes such a fuckin assholeeeee.....and i
told "him" that he shouldnt come over on sat and now hes
not talking 2 me and i feel very bad..blah...

fuk ya laterz