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2003-05-14 00:15:08 (UTC)

fairies and mountains

today was interesting, i fell like i was bitch today, the
funnyest part though is at cards at lunch, and laura was in
a bad mood at the table, and these girls were meowing at
the back, so i mumbled under my breath 'shut up' then Laura
is like "HOLY SHIT LEESA, BITCHY MUCH!!" man, she's one to oh well,
Meghan has been waiting a while to see who wins the poetry
and prose cotest. I hope she gets first in both, and i get
second in the poetry one. Like I said she's a great
writer. So it'll be kewl, I'm soo tired today. Hehe, i
have too much to do, i never sleep, i cant, it's
impossible, the doctors have me an these heavy tranquilizer
stuff for when i cant sleep, during the day there is school
then homework, then my boyfriend who seems like he wants to
spend every bloody second of the day with me, ahhh, back
off, too clingy, ahh, oh well, yesterday was our one
month....hmm, i dont know, every boyfriend after about this
long i get really kind of annoyed with them, i think it's
me, not them, but i really like jordan, so im gunna try to
make this work. But when he talks it feels like he wants
to be together for the rest of our lives, but i havnt told
him yet, that im not that kind of person. poor guy, i
should probably dump him so i dont hurt him more. i keep
remembering what jas told me. "You know what Leesa, you
make guys fall head over heels for you, so we'll bend over
backwards, then you get bored and break us. But the funny
thing is its so unexpected and you give us no reason, and i
love you, but you're going to give many people
psychological problems. Not a lot of girls have the power
to do that, I should know, i've gone out with enough, but
you, you have something magical about you that encaptures
us people, which you refer to as asswholes, and well i pity
all the guys who r gunna have to pay thousands of dollars
in psych bills because of you' bah, screw it
all...........then all my friends are like ur too busy, we
have to hang out, which they're right, i wish my time was
reserved for them, them im in soo many clubs and i attend
soo many meetings....then my mom likes to hang with me
cause she has no friends....then i get grounded when i dont
get like 1000% in all my classes...bah, oh well, ill get it
all under control,
tomorrow me meg and bran-flakes are going to the movies,
like old times, so that'll be fun..hehe, ...and it's
weird ....PS2 never talked to me, but we were walking past
eachother on the stairwell (like we do everyday) and he's
like 'hi leesa' and i'm like 'hey'.......but it was weird,
he never talks to me...oh well, he's cool, lol, i was just
surprised, must of been a good
Also Robbie he's like being really cheerful lately, maybe
he's getting some from his girlfriend, she's really's from the school who sent aurie to the funny..(for rugby) but ya, MEGHAN,
gunna be amazing....but i g2g PICK UP MY STUPID
Love peace

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