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It's good to be bad, if it's bet
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2003-05-14 00:04:44 (UTC)

kisses in ditches

Remember Derek? I do. Remember how I confessed to him
that I’ve been infatuated with him since I was 3? I do.
Remember how I just wished that he would like me back?
Again, I do. But guess what? We’ve taken our friendship
to another level. Well, I wouldn’t go that far…okay,
we’ve taken it to a sublevel. The one where you are more
than friends, less than a couple, and not quite friends
with benefits.
Last Friday he gave me a ride home. He dropped Sam
and Kelly off first, and then took his brother Dakota
home. He started freaking out when Dakota was going a
little slow. It was cute. He was just like, “Oh my God
get the fuck out of the car!” I had to kind of tell him to
calm down, cause he was trippin over nothing. Okay, so
back to the story. So he starts to take me to my house,
and he passes my street. I was just like, “Dude, you
missed the road.” He said that he was taking a different
route (It is important for the reader to know that there’s
only one route to my house). Then he starts tickling and
grabbing me. Of course, I squeal and tickle back. I
somehow ended up with my feet in the passenger seat and my
back on the steering wheel. Derek said, “I can’t steer,
man,” in this cute little voice that imitated a Mexican.
Then he pulled into a ditch and parked the car.
After tickling me for a good 5 minutes we both lay
back and start breathing really hard. My feet were in his
lap and my head was in the passenger seat. He looks at me,
and says, “I got you.” Then I knew it was time to make my
move. I sat up and got really close to him. Of course,
being the putz that I am, I ran right into his cheek. I
made it look like I did it on purpose and then moved in for
the kill. The kiss was absolutely perfect. When things
got real heavy I started laughing (why the hell do I always
do that?) and pulled back. Then I did the stupidest thing
I could ever have imagined—I licked his cheek. Don’t ask
my why I did it, because I don’t know. I can’t remember if
he was weirded out or not, because the only thing I was
thinking about was how bad I wanted to fuck him. I kissed
him again and then told him I had to go home. He said that
he wasn’t starting the car until I showed him my boobs. I
knew he was serious, so I lifted up my shirt. I had my bra
on, so he didn’t see all of my boobs. I don’t have the
ballz to do that yet. So in the end he was disappointed,
but that was okay. I was just surprised at myself for
doing as much as I did.
While driving me back home he said that he doesn’t
like kissing, because it’s just a tease. I explained that
if he would invite me over, he’s get more than just a
tease. I kissed him for a third and final time, then got
out of the car and went home.
When I got home my gramma was gone. I figured that
she had gone out looking for me. I should have been scared
cause I was bound to be in trouble, but I was so happy that
I didn’t care. She got home and tripped out, saying that
she called the bus garage requesting that I get off at my
cousins house where she was. They told her that I wasn’t
even on the bus. So she was mad. She asked what time I
got home, and I accidentally said 4:00 instead of 3:00 when
I really did get home. She thought that I was lying, so
she says, “well I came here at quarter after 3 and you
weren’t here.” So I explained to her that she was wrong
because I had been home since 2:55. I was pissed of that
she tried to catch me in a lie by lying. But whatever,
that’s gay and so are the fucked-over rules that she’s set
up for this house.
So if I take all that detailed shit and pull out
all the important parts, I get a conclusion: I finally got
my kiss. It took me 13 years to get it, so that made it
even better. I don’t know what’s gonna happen now. I
actually wrote Derek a note today. I asked him what he
wanted from me, whether it would be a friendship, a
relationship, or some fucked-up in-between involving casual
sex (or something along those lines, lol). He hasn’t
written me back. That’s okay, because I gave the note to
him after school. Derek was sitting on top of some girl’s
car, and she was irritated because she had to go to work
(typical Derek thing to do, that’s one of the things I love
about him….). He looked SO GOOD today! He was wearing a
black shirt and his hair was down….OMFG I wanted to fuck
him right there in the parking lot with everybody
Brandi was giving me shit about liking Derek today
during my golf tournament. It pissed me off. But that’s
okay, because nobody wants Brandi. No wonder she’s so
negative and bitchy!
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you. I talked to Kayla
on Saturday. I told her that I wasn’t gonna just wait on
Derek for the rest of my life. I’m leaving in 30 days, and
I want to have fun while I’m still here. If he doesn’t ask
me out within 2 weeks, I’m moving on to Danny (he’s writing
to me again, and he called at 11 PM on Friday). I know I
won’t keep that promise, but it’s fun to set impossible
boundaries for myself anyways.
That’s all, thanks for reading. Peace out nuggas!

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