Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-05-13 23:06:50 (UTC)

Those Nights I Mentioned

Under the stars.

I would be, what 17? And I don't sleep a lot anyway (apart
from recently, but that's a reaction to my revision) and I
always slept with my window open but my curtains blew in,
and I couldn't see the moon.

I grew weary of this, eventually, and started to leave my
curtains open and just look at the sky and the stars and
the moon and not be able to get to sleep. This was when I
went mellow, I think. I just slowed right down. I 'became
in touch' with the inner me. It was like I was camping
every night. I want to do it all again now....

I couldn't sleep at first. I must have tried The
Universal, and Nightswimming, I expect. But then I got
Moon Safari, or put it on, or did something, and it just
clicked. I went through a routine, then, for about a year
of putting on Moon Safari on repeat before I went to
sleep, to the point that when I came to university I
couldn't sleep without it. Which was great. Though, I
could leave my curtains open any more because I was too
close to a busy road.

I'm almost crying with the memories.

And to all a good night. Finally.

WILT? The Universal. Right the end of it.