Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-05-13 23:00:47 (UTC)

Something I Stole.

I found this on someone else's diary. I was reading.
Little survey. I'm just lingering around, so I thought I'd
do it.
*reminds you of an ex-lover: I've always got Don't Rain On
My Parade by Bobby Darin, but that more reminds me of
something else.
*reminds you of an ex-friend: Suede - The Living Dead.
Every time my mum hears it she mentions part of a fish.
Oh, you know.
*makes you cry: Don't think any do. Some do, if they
remind me of somebody I miss, and Waterloo Sunset if I've
not heard it for a long time. Oh, but the Universal by
blur makes me well up...really it does.
*makes you laugh: Gnu Song, Flanders And Swann, but I grin
along with The Beatles' Maggie May
*makes you wanna dance: None, really. If I wanna dance, I
dance. Oh, wait. I was bopping my head to Starry Eyed
Surprise by Paul Oakenfold earlier today. (And it was my
WILT yesterday)
*reminds you of the one you want: None, really. I'm not
certain there is anyone right now. I'll think on that.
*reminds you of the one you love: ....
*you wish you wrote: Jerusalem. Just imagine, eh?
*you never want to hear again: Cheeky Girls. Anything they
say or do. Or t.A.T.u. them too.
*you want to get married to: The Wedding March? Seems a
good choice. Maybe the clarinet bit of Peter and the Wolf
would be fun.
*makes you want to mosh/bang your head: I never do. It
hurts. Chinese Bombs. blur.
*sums up your teenage years: Best Days - blur. He Thought
Of Cars - blur. Roll With It - oasis.
*you like to wake up to: Wake Up Boo! I dunno. Something a
little, just a little punchy.
*you like out of your parent's record collection: Make It
With You, by Bread....
*you love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't for a
friend: Flute Loops - I Am The World Trade Centre (Yes, I
know, but they changed after the incident)
*you love the video more than the tune:...Shiny Happy
People. I fricking hate that song...well, not hate, but...
*reminds you of your first crush: We Have All The Time In
The World, Louis Armstrong...but that just might remind me
of that time of life.
*you love which is from your favourite movie: Sull Aria,
from the Marriage of Figaro. The Shawshank Redemption. The
Back To The Future Theme (Especially III) is awesome)
*makes you think of the moon: I don't
know...none....really...Nightswimming. Yes, yes, yes.
That's the best match for any song yet.
*makes you think of Stars: Air's Moon Safari. The whole
album. I listened to it when I slept with curtains open.
Left it playing all night. It was heaven.
*makes you think of the sun: None. Walkin' On The Sun? No,
got it, got it. A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed.
*makes you think of sex: Let's Get It On has that kind of
silky love thing going on, but the Fun Lovin' Criminals
are quite slick, too.
*makes you think of being alone: I don't...if I am alone I
listen to Does This Bus Stop At 82nd Street? a lot, the
Ace of diamonds queen of spades bit especially.
*you love to hear at clubs: You Spin Me Round - Dead Or
Alive (The original, of course)
*always makes you smile: Don't Rain On My Parade....Mack
The Knife. I just love Darin's voice. He's smiling down on
me, I know he is.
*you love to hear in the car: Ideally something to sing
along to. Preferably R.E.M....Gardening At Night. Yeah.
*favorite song at the time: What, right now? The Wind -
Cat Stevens. That's the song I MOST want to hear.

WILT? Jets - blur. But I'm just about to put on The Wind.