Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-05-13 22:41:03 (UTC)

If You've Got A Problem.

I'm sick beyond death of people who can't accept that life
is a one person race. No matter the people you
love...children matter what you do, you get
through it on your own. If you have problems, then, it is
your look out to solve them. Yes, pay a fricking
orthopaedic cat doctor if its going to help you, but then
surely at some point you have to ask if you're really
living for yourself, or just for what people think of you.

I've adopted a simple mantra. Its short, sharp, snappy,
and gives the most accurate impression of how I've felt
for a while now.

If you've got a problem, solve it.
If you can't solve it, get over it.

Now spread it. Clear thinking. You don't have to be nasty.
What the point in offending people for no reason? If their
life makes them happy and doesn't prevent anybody but
yourself being happy, then its YOUR problem, and your
responsibility to get over it.

If it offends a group of you, then get together and moan,
but realise that people aren't going to change unless they
want to. Yes, by all means tell them, but not all the
time. No point.

Get on with your own life. Why not, eh? Someone may as

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