Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2003-05-13 22:34:00 (UTC)

Thought Tank On Think Tank Part One.

I loved Out Of Time from the moment I first heard it. It
had a dusty heat feel to it - the perfect kind of thing
for those afternoons sitting on the grass watching beetles
scurrying about doing their thing, and leaning back
occasionally, ideally, though not as frequently as I would
I would like, to look into the eyes of someone I really
want to lying listening to blur with.

But the first time I put the album on, I was a touch
disappointed, because it didn't all have that sound, or
even the sound of the B-side, Money Makes Me Crazy (one of
their best B-Sides in my book. Apart from Badgeman Brown).
But since I've put Think Tank on the backburner it has
received occasional airings (unlike other albums I've put
there, MUM&DAD notably...though I do like the tracks (all
of them, losers) in isolation) and has grown on me.

A few of the tracks seem like a step between blur and 13
(the last two albums) which is good, because blur was
probably my favourite blur album (blame Pavement...well,
don't...attribute Pavement) and a few of them are very

My housemate said the Out Of Time was like a 13 version of
The Universal when he first heard it. He wasn't too wrong.

Do blur miss Graham? No. They've created a great album
largely without him. However, would it have been better
with him? would certainly be different. I've
always got Coffee & TV to think of Graham by.

WILT? Good Song - blur. (Yes, it sounds like
something to browse a summer market to).