Marco Jacksonovic

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2003-05-13 22:21:53 (UTC)

And Everyday I Sleep A Little More...

I just can't motivate myself into this Phonology revision.
I got up at 7.30 this morning (easier given my 12.30-ish
sleep time) and managed to work through until about 9.
Then I got about an hour and a half done by the end of my
working day. Just breaking, and playing NFL Club
Quarterback. It was terrible. Though, what I have done is
made sure I remember everything I've noted down today. And
I do have a week. So I'm not pushed, especially. I do,
however, want double productivity tomorrow.

Oh, and my All The Goals of Euro 96 arrived today,
accompanied by a win (after a massive adrenalin rush of
too long after I put in a £50 bid instead of 50p. Took
about an hour to fully recover) of a 300 Manchester U
goals video. Should be quality. Cantona, I should expect
featuring heavily. Do I like Manchester U? Not really, no,
but I prefer them to Oldham...for example.

I've got too many things to do...really I have...but none
of them are getting done. Bastard.

WILT? Tender Remix - Blur (Cornelius) and its freaking