Fun Size

Jimmy fell off the cliff again?
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2003-05-13 22:17:29 (UTC)

brownies (which has nothing to do with my day)

GUESS WHAT?! YOU GUNNA GUESS?! Oh, fuck you was
good. We had mcas. in other words my brain took the day
off. i think i did pretty good.... without cheating that
is. Other than that though the day was kinda dull. i had
photo, that was easy and boring. but then i had computers
with springer. we had a sort of protest outside her
classroom. at the beginning of the class me and a couple
of other kids just sat outside waiting for the teacher to
say something... we just sat around joking. eventually the
teacher came out and told us to get in the class. we said
no and just sat there. she got pretty pissed after a while
and threatened to call mr strout. so we got in the class.
we just screwed around the entire class though. it was
fun. then i hung out with nick o for the rest of the day.
i was supossed to call matt but my dad said one kid and
nick was already there. he stayed till about five. it was
fun. derek is here now and we are gonna meet sabanty at
6:45 at the art show. so i'm out!

later mofagas, fun size

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