REMINDER: my birthday is May 31
2003-05-13 15:52:24 (UTC)

havent been this sick in a while

omg i was soooo sick last night and yestorday...well i
kinda still am but i dont have a friggen hig fever!!well
listen to this:

i go to school and my head has been hurting the whole day.
as i go through each period it gets worse and worse..im
nasious, im dizzy, and i feel worse than it sounds. io get
out of science go to lunch for like 10 seconds and cant
take it anymore so i go to the nurse. i go to the nurse
and she was having so meeting with a parent and wasnt
letting anyone in, so as im in the hallway wwaiting for
her i meet heather, who had to drop something off to the
nurse. im waiting there ready to do, and im looking at
that wall or w/e. than she opens the door everone does
there thing and as its my turn she goes inside busy with
some one else. i was like oh god, and i thought im gonna
go backk into the cafeteria so i can sit. i make it
through lunck *barely* and i go to math. than i see aj
whos sick to, so we both ask if we can go to the nurse. he
goes and i go and we both lay down in one of those things
she has for about.......10 minutes. alot of kids were
comming in and lol i could tell as well as the nurse could
tell they were faking it. well im ready to die on the bed,
and mrs molinaro asks me if im feeling better, i said no.
she asked me if i did the mile run yet and i said no!
cause i didnt. so she looks at me and says..are you faking
it? im like wat?? no way im really really sick, i feel
like im gonna faint any mintue..can i call home? and shes
like well you look fine to me so why dont you just head
back to class. im like im really not feeling good and shes
like theres only an hour left of school just go! so
without arguing i go...bad bad bad idea. i sit through
math take that quiz that i failed.....than...i go to gym.
we do the mile..i feel fine when im running with the
exception of what seemed like my heart was lodged in my
head. im done and i sit down with nick nicole and billy on
he grass and my head is killing me!! but i didnt wanna
complain in front my like m best friends. so i just sat
there put on an act and thought i was gonna faint *than we
started throwing stuff at eachother...lol* well i get
outta gym than band! oh god. mr canter almost made my head
explode with the wistle..i couldve cried! ask janna and
lauren. every note that i blew out of my clarinet made my
head pund!! it was horrible:'( ok i get outta band at 315
and than i go to...softball. ahh i pitched and every leap
i had to make..i musta pitched like 30 balls cause i
pitched half way in. so half way in with the thiry balls i
pitched made me leap 30 times..it was horrible. when
practice waspver she gave us donuts and i couldnt eat so i
trough it on top of one of the filing cabinets *shhh!!!*
heather was giving me a ride home so we waited near the
bench on the side door. i couldnt eve sit or stand so i
layed down on the bench but that was bad to. well i get
home and i go to sleep cause i new that tomarrow! *which
is today* was the longbrnch game and the band concert so i
had to go. well i woke up and my mom asked me wats wrong
and she tooke my temperatue..yod never gues..103.4 yea i
fainted for 7 mins exactly and i got up and i thought i
was dead..seriously. well i got up and tooke tylenol ate
something went to sleep woke u at 12 took my temp 101.8 go
to sleep wake up take tylenol 99.7 go to sleep wake up at
like 11 today and i got no temp. holy crap was i happy!!!!
here i am now. my mom stayed home with me cause thats how
sick i was. i never fainted in my life, that was my first
time. well im going to my game...its 12 o clock, and im
sneaking to my game. my mom doesnt want me to go but i
deff am! i dont kare. i got no temp and im taking it easy.
since it seems a lil cold im gonna wear a sweat shirt and
im gonna be careful. when i get home i gotta go to the
band concert..i gotta all my friends, and mrs j is comming
so i deff am goin there!!!!!!!!! ok...well thats my story.

im out..later!!
-lol pray that i stay like i am right now with no temp.
*my head and my throat are stil a lil sore though*