Right Here In My Arms

My Sacrifice
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2003-05-13 15:08:06 (UTC)

ok here we go again

yet again i am back this time with something new to say

whell today was great we finally changed the menu at work
and its cool we have a heep of new stuff on it thats
totally different to all the stuff that we did have on it
so yeah thats goss for you all
and big brothers boring they are asleep wich is what i
sould be doing but oh well

umm yoleys moved out and some shit of mine is still missing
and i want it back

sex would be nicebut as always i can't get any that sucks

umm moving soon before the 26th anyways dunno where i am
gunna go

this sucks to being lonely and bored and i think that i
have scared the living shit out of someone poor little
macca shes the enemy but shes hot i dunno why i think it or
what started it but shes unreal oh well sleep is needed for
another day of work i will do a huge write up as soon as i
can to fill you in on last weekends debarcles os i got
really drunk again oh ok seeya