dismal life
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2003-05-13 14:57:36 (UTC)

i need hard drugs..

Yeah so u know I haven't been her in like a long ass time!
I'm trying to get this fag out of my life...MIKE! I saw him
the other day with this tall girl....she looks more like
his type..I don't care....I was really high when I saw him
and it kinda fucked it up...I was pissed. He even asked me
to is prom! I don't even go to high school anymore...I'm
not gonna go to his PROM! FUCK EM! I really do hate him now
because just a couple of hours before I saw him with this
chick he was saying how he doesn't love anybody besides me
and if I didn't go to his prom, well he wasn't gonna go
either! Well I guess he found a prom date a short
notice...CUNT! I mean I hated him before all of this but
now I just hate him even more! Mike I hope u die from ur
sexual transmitted diseases!

I'm in love with someone...I kinda fucked it up when I
hooked up with his good friend! He hates me now and it's
all my fault...I guess I'm kinda lonely now...I'm all by
myself and I'm not used to that...the last time I was by
myself was when I lived in Rockaway...ekk...that's
scary..Oh well, I guess it's time to be single for a
while...I'm gonna go smoke a bowl now cause I just made
myself all depressed like...fuck me...