Voices in My Head
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2003-05-13 09:07:59 (UTC)

mark them mine...

unfortunately i still find myself alone and without a
significant other or even as my friends so quaintly put it
a 'fuck buddy'...

i find this highly irritating as lately i have felt the
need to claw, bite, and mark another human being. lust
obviously is a part of this need, but more than that there
is a certain control burried in it as well, it is the wish
consume a part of them... to share with them something that
no one ever has or ever will in the same way...

(am i making sense to any of you?)

to bring about in them emotions, desires, and needs that
only i can bring about or fullfill...

i guess i'm feeling a little dominant and agressive
tonight... it really is a shame that i have no one to share
that with.

it has become obvious to me that even on a subconious level
it is time for me to stop being completly single... it's
been a nice break from the last doomed relationship i had,
but my hunger and need seems to be back once again.

i've been having these erotic dreams lately... very few
areas of my partner(or partners *insert lustfull look here*)
body would be left unmarked in some way.

i really should do something about this... but i've a
feeling it will be difficult to find someone that would not
mind the things i wish to do... well,at least to someone i
find attractive that would let me do it anyway *grin*

it takes alot for me to find someone i wish to have... i'm
a bit too picky sometimes.

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