Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2003-05-13 08:50:40 (UTC)

fantasia dreaming

if in the night, you need to breathe
whisper in my ear, perhaps i can
alight your pain, or ease it more

if in the day, something pains you
perhaps, should you let yourself
go, i can hold you in my arms

if during the twilight, you find that
you cannot think, lean on me, for
i am here for you, or will try to be

i promise nothing, but understanding
i would hope, more than that, but
i am no more perfect than anyone

so, in the end, it is your choice, to
let me in, to beleive, i won't give
up, i won't die, and i won't surrender

perhaps, one day, when the dreams
are made flesh, when the lights dim,
we can touch, and imagine fantasia

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